Structural Overview of University Medicine in Magdeburg

Note: For the structuring of central data processing systems And administrative processes, it Is essential To use the unique abbreviations listed below For all structural units. The abbreviations are based On the official German-language designations Of the structural units And the usual conventions at Otto von Guericke University. The structural units are named In accordance With the resolutions Of the boards (supervisory board, managing board Of the Clinical Center, faculty board).

Status as of 24.05.2018, may be subject to structural changes And enhancements.
Institutes InstitutesI UKMD FME
Preclinical Institutes
Institute of Anatomy IANA   X
  - Neuroanatomy NANA   X
Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology IBZ   X
Institute of Medical Psychology IMP   X
Institute of Molecular Biology and Medical Chemistry IMMC   X
Institute of Physiology IPHY   X
  - Developmental Physiology PHYEW   X
  - Neurophysiology NPHYS   X
Clinical-theoretical Institutes without services in health care
Institute of General Medicine IALM   X
Institute of Biometrics and Medical Informatics IBMI   X
Institute of Inflammation and Neurodegeneration IIN   X
Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology IPT   X
Institute of Social Medicine and Health Economics ISMG   X
  - Social Medicine SOM   X
  - Health Economics GOE   X
Clinical-theoretical Institutes with services in health care
Department of Occupational Medicine IAM   X
Institute of Human Genetics IHG X X
Institute of Clinical Chemistry and Pathobiochemistry IKCP X X
  - Clinical Chemistry / Central Laboratory IKC X  
  - Pathological Biochemistry PBC   X
Institute of Clinical Pharmacology IKP X X
Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hospital Hygiene IMMB X X
  - Hospital Hygiene KHY X  
  - Infektionsimmunologie IFIMM X X
Institute of Molecular and Clinical Immunology IMKI X X
Institute of Transfusion Medicine and Immunohaematology/Blood Bank ITIB X X
Centre for Pathology and Forensic Medicine ZPR X  
Institute of Pathology IPA X X
Institute of Neuropathology INPA X X
Forensic Medicine
(UKMD- Employee, Institute of University Hospital Halle)
Clinics ClinicsK UKMD FME
University Clinic for General, Visceral and Vascular Surgery KCHI X X
  - Department of Vascular Surgery CHG X  
  - Department of Paediatric Surgery and Paediatric Traumatology CHK/KCHK X  
  - Experimental Surgical Medicine EXOM   X
University Clinic for Trauma Surgery KCHU X X
University Clinic for Plastic, Aesthetic and Hand Surgery KCHP X X
University Clinic for Cardio and Thoracic Surgery KCHH X X
  - Thoracic Surgery CHT X X
University Orthopaedic Clinic KORT X X
  - Experimental Orthopedics EXOR   X
University Eye Clinic KAUG X X
University Clinic for Urology and Paediatric Urology KURO X X
University Clinic for Ear, Nose and Throat Medicine, Head and Neck Surgery KHNO X X
  - Department of Experimental Audiology EXA   X
University Clinic for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery KMKG X X
University Women's Clinic KGYN X X
  - Experimental Gynaecology and Obstetrics EXGYN   X
  - Department for Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecological Endocrinology KREP/KRE X X
Centre for Internal Medicine ZIM X X
University Clinic for Cardiology and Angiology KKAR X X
Department of Pneumology KPNE X X
University Clinic for Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Infectology KGHI X X
University Clinic for Nephrology and hypertension, diabetology and endocrinology KNEP X X
  - Department of Endocrinology and Metabolic Disorders KEND X X
University Clinic for Haematology and Oncology KHAE X X
Institute for Experimental Internal Medicine IEIM   X
Specialist Department for Rheumatology (ext.) RHEU   X
University Paediatric Clinic KPAE X X
  - Department of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology KPHO X X
  - Department of Experimental Paediatrics and Neonatology EXPAE   X
  - Bereich Pädiatrische Endokrinologie und Stoffwechsel PENSW    
University Clinic for Dermatology KHAU X X
University Clinic for Neurology KNEU X X
Institute of Cognitive Neurology and Dementia Research IKND   X
University Clinic for Neurosurgery KCHN X X
University Clinic for Stereotactic Neurosurgery KCHS X X
University Clinic for Neuroradiology KNRAD/INR X X
University Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy KPSY X X
University Clinic for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy KPSM X X
Clinic for Paediatric and Adolescent Psychiatry
(Clinic of Hospital Klinikum Magdeburg gGmbH)
Centre for Radiology ZRAD X X
University Clinic for Radiology and Nuclear Medicine KRN X X
  - Diagnostic Radiology KDR X X
  - Nuclear Medicine KNUK X X
University Clinic for Radiation Therapy KSTR X X
University Clinic for Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy KAIT X X
Central Services / Administration ZEZ UKMD FME
Supervisory Board AR    
Managing Board of the Clinical Center KLIVO X  
Faculty Board FAVO   X
Dean's Office DEK   X
  - Press Office PRST X X
  - Research Unit REFO   X
  -- Central Animal Laboratory ZTL   X
  - Clinical Study Coordinating Centre KKS   X
  - Department of History, Ethics and Theory of Medicine GET   X
  -- Competence Centre e-Learning ZEL   X
  -- Medical Terminology TERM   X
Dean of Studies Office SDEK   X
  - International Office AAA   X
  - Faculty Student Council FARA   X
Medical Directorate AED X  
  - Quality and Risk Management QM X  
  - Staff Medical Service PED X  
  - Central Emergency Admissions Department Block 60 ZNA X  
  - Central Pharmacy ZAP X  
  -- Department stationary care ZAPSV X  
  -- Department general drug manufacturing ZAPAA X  
  -- Departmente sterile and aseptic drug manufacturing ZAPSA X  
  -- Department laboratory diagnostika / pharmacy control ZAPLD X  
  - Admissions Ward Block 60 H60TK X  
  - Surgery Management OPM X  
Care Directorship PFD X  
  - Department Central Sterile Care ZSVA X  
  - Sozial Service SOD X  
  - Physiotherapy / Ergotherapy H60PH X  
  - Patient Assistance Service PBD X  
Commercial Directorship KD X  
Finance and Cost Control Unit G1 X  
  - Department of Financial Accounting and Taxation G1.1 X  
  -- Subject field Business Accounting G1.1.1 X  
  -- Subject field Accounts Receivable G1.1.2 X  
  -- Subject Field Accounts Payable G1.1.3 X  
  - Department of Cost Control and Business Administration G1.2 X  
  - Department of Patient Administrative Management and Invoicing G1.3 X  
  -- Subject Field Stationary Admission G1.3.1 X  
  -- Subject Field Outpatient Accounting G1.3.2 X  
  -- Subject Field Stationary Accounting G1.3.3 X  
  - Department of Business Controlling G1.4 X  
Human Resources Unit G2 X  
  - Department of Human Resource Issues for Employees, Manual Workers, Officials, Third-party funded staff, University Statistics and Partial Retirement G2.1 X  
  - Department of Further Training and Education and General Human Resource Issues G2.3 X  
  - Corporate Health Management G2G X  
  - Human Resource Issues Section - Faculty of Medicine K24   X
Central Purchasing Unit G3 X  
  - Purchasing Department G3.1 X  
  - Operative Purchasing (Medical Products) G3.2 X  
  - Operative Purchasing (Administrative, Economic and IT Requirements) G3.3 X  
  - Warehouse Management G3.4 X  
Engineering and Buildings Unit G4 X  
  - Buildings Department G4.1 X  
  -- Subject Field Construction Planing G4.1.1 X  
  -- Subject Field Property Management G4.1.2 X  
  -- Subject Field Construction Maintenance G4.1.3 X  
  - Operating Systems Technology Department G4.2 X  
  -- Subject Field Electrical Engineering G4.2.1 X  
  -- Subject Field Telecommunication and control technology G4.2.2 X  
  -- Subject Field Thermal Energy and Sanitary Facilities G4.2.3 X  
  -- Subject Field Mechanical Engineering G4.2.4 X  
  - HBFG (University Construction Act), Job Management, General Repairs Section G4.31 X  
  - Medical Technology Service Centre G4.4/MTSZ X  
  -- Subject field Clinic Engineer G4.4.1/MTKI X  
  -- Subject Field Medical Electronical Engineering G4.4.2/MTME X  
  -- Subject Field Medical Mechanical Engineering G4.4.3/MTMM X  
  -- Subject Field Radiology Techniques G4.4.4/MTRT X  
Logistics and Central Services Unit G5 X  
  - General Administration G5.1 X  
  -- Verwaltungsangelegenheiten G5.1.1 X  
  -- nursery school UMMD G5.1.2 X  
  -- Poststelle G5.1.3 X  
  -- Entsorgung G5.1.4 X  
  -- Grünanlagen G5.1.5 X  
  - Transport LogisticsTransport Logistics G5.2 X  
  -- Subject Field Transport G5.2.1 X  
  -- Home Assistance Services G5.2.2 X  
  - Services G5.3 X  
  -- Telefonzentrale G5.3.1 X  
  -- Zentralarchiv ambulant / stationär G5.3.2 X  
  -- Wäschereileistungen, Schädlingsbekämpfung G5.3.3 X  
  -- Reinigungsleistungen, Verpflegungsleistungen G5.3.4 X  
Medical Computer Centre MRZ X  
  - Applications and System Integration Department MRZAS X  
  - Communication and Networks Department MRZKN X  
  - Systems Engineering Department MRZST X  
Specialist Legal Department S8 X  
Specialist Occupational Safety Department S9 X  
Specialist Internal Auditing Department S10 X  
Specialist Human Resource Allocation/Development Department S11 X  
Specialist Medical Controlling S12 X  
Management Board Division Marketing, Communication and Media V1/MKM X  
Organisation V1.1 X  
Editing V1.2 X  
Layout V1.3 X  
Media Service V1.4    
Management Board Division Information Security V2/ISB X  
Training Centre for Health Care Professions AZG X  
Central Medical Library MZB   X
University Clinical Center Staff Council PRMED X  
Centre for Cellular Imaging and Innovative Disease Models ZEBIK   X
External Institutions on the UKMD/FME Campus EXTE UKMD FME
Aktion Knochenmarkspende Sachsen-Anhalt e.V. AKSS    
Workers' Samaritan Federation ASB    
Berendsen GmbH Nordost BERENDSE    
Surveillance & Security Company Saxony-Anhalt BSU    
German Centre for Neurodegenerative Diseases of the Helmholtz Association (Dementia Centre) DZNE    
Otto von Guericke University Ethics Committee (FME/UKMD) ETHIK    
Saxony-Anhalt Malformation Monitoring MONZ X  
Research Institute for Applied Neurosciences FAN    
Förderverein für das Blutspendewesen in Magdeburg e.V. FBMD    
Association of Friends and Sponsors of University Medicine in Magdeburg e.V. FFUMMD    
Institute of Biology (UniMD) IBIO    
Institute of Experimental Physics (UniMD) IEP    
  - Department of Biomedical Magnetic Resonance BMMR    
Magdeburg Institute of Medical Technology IMTM    
Institute of Neurosimulation and Imaging Technologies INB    
Institute of Quality Assurance in Surgical Medicine IQOM    
International Graduate School - Analysis, Imaging, and Modelling of Neuronal and Inflammatory Processes (ABINEP) ABINEP    
Dialysis and Kidney Transplantation Board KFH    
Clinical Center Pastoral Care SEELS    
Clinical Competence Center of Allergology Saxony-Anhalt KASA    
Ambulance Service (general) KTD    
Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology LIN    
Magdeburg Support Group for Children with Cancer MFKK    
Magdeburg Anti-Cancer League KLIGA    
Magdeburger Uniklinik Service GmbH MUKS X  
Order of Malta Volunteers MHD    
UKMD Medical Care Centre MVZ    
Central German Network of Excellence for Rare Diseases MKSE    
MLR System GmbH (AWT H60/H10) MLR    
President's Office of Otto von Guericke University ROVGU   X
Otto von Guericke University Staff Council (incl. FME) PROVGU   X
Pneumological Respiratory Therapy Centre PATZ    
Sports Medicine / Olympic Support Centre Magdeburg SMOS    
Magdeburg/Saxony-Anhalt Tumour Centre TZSA    
Association for Seriously Ill Children and their Families VSKE    
UMC Catering Service GmbH UMC    
UMR Cleaning Service GmbH UMR    
Centre for Neuroscientific Innovation and Technology ZENIT    


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